Another Dog (Part 2)

February 5, 2012

(Written by guest dog blogger Bella)

They did it! A week ago Mommy and Daddy brought home another dog and he is still here so I guess I have a new brother.  His name is Bosco and he is huge!  Mommy says he weighs 95 pounds.  (I only weigh 65)


The first week together has been pretty good.  I like that he is so big and you would think that such a big boy would like food as much as me. But he eats so slowly. It takes me like 30 seconds to finish my breakfast and dinner and then I have to sit there and wait for him to finish.  I am always so tempted to steal his food but Mommy holds me back.  I guess she doesn’t want me to weigh 95 pounds too!

We have been together playing a lot.  We wrestle, we chase toys and we play tug of war.  My favorite thing though is to hump.  Sometimes he lets me, but most times he pushes me away.  (I guess he’s just not in the mood)

We have been going on walks together.  He’s not as good on a leash as me.  Mommy says the family they rescued him from just stuck him in their backyard and never trained him or even played with him.  The other day, we were walking and he stepped on a jumping cholla.  Chollas are cactus plants that have some serious stickers on them. He tried to get the cholla off of his foot and then got all kinds of pokeys in his face!  I can’t believe I didn’t get any in me.  Thank goodness!  Mommy took us immediately home and her and Daddy tried to get all of the stickers out.  They couldn’t get them all so they took him to the vet.  A few hours later, he came back home and was stumbling all over the place.  It was so funny to watch him run into stuff!  I left him alone that day to let him recover and now he is fine.  We haven’t walked that way again with Mommy and we probably never will.

He still has a few things to learn, but I am being patient with him as I try to show him the ropes.  We have rules around this house and you have to follow them!  You have to sit before you go outside and before you come back in.  You have to sit when Mommy puts the leash on you.  He never learned sit, but seems to be picking it up really well.  He doesn’t steal stuff like I do.  He never takes clothes out of the hamper.  He never rips up trash from Daddy’s work trash can.  He just plays, pees a lot, and sleeps.  I need to show him how to be a little bit bad (it’s so fun!)

Life is going to be a little bit different with a brother and our family is adjusting well.  Bosco seems to have completed us and we are all really happy and lucky to have him!

(Written by guest dog blogger Bosco)

Glad to be here!  Stop humping me Bella!