The Masters never disappoints. Year after year, no matter  who the winner, it is the best golf event and close to the best sporting event on TV.

Each year, it is must see ,destination television.  I know where I will be the Sunday of the Masters.  I will be sitting on my couch watching the drama unfold.  Even when I was playing and traveling, I was sure to make my travel plans around being able to watch the Masters.

Why is the Masters such a great event?  Fo those of us that grew up in cold weather climates, the Masters was the unofficial start of golf season.  The weather was still a little iffy, but we knew we would be playing soon and we were excited to dust off the golf clubs.

I think another reason the Masters is so great is the familiarity we all have with the course.  We know each of the holes. We can remember all of the great shots hit on all of them. We know that you need to stay left of the pin on #12.  We anticipate that anything could happen because you can make eagle on #13 0r #15. We know you can’t go long on #17 and that #18 is a tough finishing hole.  The course is so green and the flowers are so pretty.  I was lucky enough to have attended in 1996 and the course does not disappoint.  It lives up to all of the hype and actually exceeds it.

Each year there is another story.  Bubba Watson yesterday and his 40 yard hook with a pitching wedge out of the trees after Louis Oosthuizen makes double eagle on the 2nd hole in what would have probably gotten him a plaque if he had won.  Last year, Charl Schwartzel birdies the last 4 holes to break out of a pack of players.  In years past there are has been so much drama, Jack in 86, Ben Crenshaw winning for Harvey Penick, Norman blowing it in 96, Tiger winning by 12, Phil winning his first major,  and so many more….

Another Masters is in the books.  There are 3 more majors left on The PGA Tour and I will be tuned in to each one.  They will all have great stories but none will be the Masters.  We have to wait until next April for that.  I already know where I will be: sitting on my couch and watching the drama unfold.