April 27, 2011

After retiring in the Fall of 2007, I lived the life of leisure for a little while.  I hung out at home.  D and I traveled to Italy which was awesome!  I was happy to be living a “normal life.”   I spent my days working out.  I took up tennis. I started hiking. I went to the movies.  I volunteered for Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  I traveled some more. But  I quickly discovered that something was missing.  I realized that at 41 years old, I needed to find another passion.  I always thought I’d have kids and retirement would mean being a full-time Mom.  That was not in the cards for me and D.  It’s the one thing I wish I had done differently and my biggest regret.  At almost 45, my time is done so I like I said, I needed to find something.  The question was what?

I decided to start to look for a job.  I got my resume together and sent it to several golf organizations throughout Arizona.  My thought was that I’d like to run tournaments.  I had been playing in golf tournaments since I was 12.  It is what I knew.  I am also a very organized person with a strong attention to detail.  I am a hard worker. What I didn’t have and still don’t is excellent computer skills.  Sure I can surf the internet and write a blog, but when I went to college, we had typewriters!  I quickly realized that while I was dedicating myself to trying to win golf tournaments, the world had learned Excel, Word, Publisher and Outlook.  I also did not network nearly enough during my playing career.  Like I said, I was singularly focused on trying to play good golf.  I thought that when I retired that would be it.  Wrong!!  So after lots of rejections and searching the internet for jobs I was not qualified for, I found something that just might be a fit.  The First Tee of Phoenix was hiring.  I sent my resume, made a follow-up call and got an interview.  It was my first interview ever! (Something friends can not believe but absolutely true.) I started working at The First Tee in September of 2008.


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