Tatted Up

May 12, 2011

I used to think differently about tattoos.  I wondered why people would put something permanent on their bodies. I saw them on tough guys at my gym.  I saw them on Harley dudes.  It seemed like you needed to be “bad” to have a tattoo.  I am not sure when it happened but all of a sudden tattoos are everywhere.(Google says up to 25% of Americans are tatted up)  Seemingly every professional athlete has one.  The college campuses are filled with students that have them. The moms at the park have them. Now even I have one-yes me!

My sister was the one who always wanted a tattoo. We went to England years ago and she got a Henna tattoo and loved it. So as she turned 50 last year she was ready. She came to visit last November and she suggested we get them together. She had some ideas about what she wanted, but I had no idea what to put permanently on my body. She wanted to somehow honor our Dad (who had 2 tats of his own from his time in the army) and honor her religion. But what was I going to get? Was I really going to do this? In the back of my mind, I kind of always wanted to get a tattoo. I thought it was so unlike me. I wanted to be a ” rebel” and just shock the hell out of people. Goody Two Shoes Tina would never get a tattoo. The thought of it appealed to me, but I didn’t want to be too crazy. I knew I would put it somewhere not too visible-I am a goody two-shoes after all! I decided on the Life is Good guy. Life is Good is kind of my motto, I like what it stands for and the positive message it brings.

The next step was to find a tattoo parlor. I asked a friend and at her suggestion found a great place. I was very impressed with their professionalism. These guys are true artists.  I had to make an appointment and give a deposit. When we arrived, my sister didn’t quite like what the artist had drawn so she asked him to change it. Five minutes later it was perfect and we were ready to go. My sister went first but made me promise not to chicken out. She said it hurt but wasn’t too bad. I was next. The guy told me he  had told friends he was “tattooing a smiley face” on a girl today. i thought that was pretty funny! My tattoo only took about 15 minutes, but it was 15 minutes of serious pain! Man, did it hurt! I have a whole new respect of the pain that people go through. Ouch!  When we were finished we were given instructions on how to care for our tattoos. Like I said-very professional.

My Tattoo-"Life is Good"

Some people have remarked that they think its ironic that I got a “Life is Good” tattoo on my neck and then 2 months later, I broke my neck. I like to look at it the opposite. Maybe because of my tattoo, I can walk today. Maybe that philosophy saved me. I know that I like my tattoo and I have no regrets. I think he’s cute. I like having a smiley face on me. I see it in the mirror and it makes me smile.


One Response to “Tatted Up”

  1. Steph Says:

    I like my tattoo also, makes me smile and think of you!

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