My Addiction

May 21, 2011

I am addicted to Mahjong tiles.  I have not yet been to the doctor for this condition, but all of the signs are there.  I think about Mahjong when I wake in the morning.  I play a game before I do anything else.  I am thinking of Mahjong tiles as I write this blog and actually have played 4 games since I started typing.

My addiction started innocently enough.  I used to play Bejeweled.  Before that it was Spider Solitaire.  They say that’s how addictions start.  At first its just a little innocent experimentation and then the addiction grows. More addicting games follow and before you know it, your day revolves around trying to play that next game.

I play a few different versions of Mahjong tiles.  I started with the regular game but that wasn’t enough for me, so when I need an extra rush, I play Mahjong connect.  The games are really easy to get.  The internet has everything you need to feed your addiction.

I’d call myself a functioning addict.  So far, I haven’t missed any important appointments or events.  I can get myself ready in the morning.  I am starting work again soon though and friends are worried how my work might be affected.  I do know that I am not yet ready to kick the habit.  I love that feeling of solving a puzzle.  I love the noise when I make a connection. However, I am starting to feel some of the side affects.  My eyes get blurry.  I look up and I wonder where the last hour has gone.  But I am determined to solve every puzzle and to finally get to that illusive level 12 on Mahjong Connect. I will not quit until I get there!

If you or anyone close to you are suffering from this type of addiction, I am planning on starting a support group that will be meeting weekly at a local bar.  Please call 1-800-getadamnlife for more information.


2 Responses to “My Addiction”

  1. Mr. Bitterman Says:

    I just want you to know that you are not alone! I too suffer from videogameitis. perhaps together we can find a cure. Oh and Happy non end of the World day! Gotta go, I am in the middle of desktop tower defense on
    Good luck!
    Mr. B

  2. Mom Says:

    you really are talented, ‘should seriously think about further developing this talent. Loved this one. xxoo

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