iPod of the Year

May 29, 2011

My husband thinks the iPod is perhaps the great invention of our time.  I think there are others that top it, but it is pretty awesome.  I am old enough to remember records, eight-tracks and tapes.  Downloading a song from iTunes is WAY better!

I don’t have a huge obsession for music like some people, but I do enjoy it.  I always listen when I work out and most times in the car. I will put the iPod on when I am cleaning the house, whipping up some food in the kitchen or just hanging by the pool.

I guess my love of music started when I was little and my dad would play music on our record player in the basement.  I remember show tunes like Bye Bye Birdie and A Chorus Line.  He also liked Gladys Knight and the Pips.  My older brother and sister liked music as well.  This was the 70’s and classic rock was king.  I learned to like STYX, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Heart.  I once asked my sister, who is 6 years older than me and used to look a little like Pat Benatar, what a rock concert was like.  She left out a few of the gory details but proceeded to do an air guitar routine I will never forget!  I also remember buying my first record. I bought The Eagle’s “Hotel California” and I paid for it with my very own money.  That album is still makes my all-time greatest list.

These days all it takes is a simple download and you can have any song in a matter of seconds.  When you travel, you don’t have to decide which CDs to take.  You just need to make sure you have your charger.  And my iPod is iPod of the year. I think what makes it so great is my wide variety of musical tastes. I have downloaded all different genres. I have Alternative, Punk, a few Children’s songs, a few Dance Songs, Easy Listening, Folk, Inspirational, R&B, Soul, Rap, Raggae, Heavy Metal, Country, Rock and Broadway.  I like everything from Eminem to Barry Manilow, from Bruce Springsteen to The Black Eyed Peas, from Meatloaf to Mary Chapin Carpenter, from Janis Joplin to Jason Mraz.  I like it all.

I do have favorites of course.  I still love classic rock of the 70’s.  Counting Crows’ “August and Everything After” is probably my favorite album. I can not carry a tune at all but I sing out loud and proud with the iPod of the Year.  (Sorry if you have heard me)



2 Responses to “iPod of the Year”

  1. Mom Says:

    You need to expand just a bit and give classical music a try – I find it really restful, soothing and enjoyable. You can try it out without buying it by using your cable stations. Go to Light Classic. It also helps with road rage for me when I’m in my car. I have my satilite set for pop classical, 2 country stations (you also left this country out of you choices),The Bridge,50’s music, classic vinals, broadway and 70’s, etc. I also go to sleep w/light classical on my tv, which is set to go off in 60-90 min. It helps to relax me into sleep.xxoo

  2. Mom Says:

    p.s. I thought Dan’s “greatest invention of our time is HD. xxoo

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