798 Channels and Nothing On

June 3, 2011

I do not like Reality TV.  In fact it makes me angry.  It’s too easy.  Networks don’t have to think.  The audience doesn’t have to think.  Good shows are taken off of the air after very little time (Terriers)  because of poor ratings and people who want to watch reality TV instead of a well written drama or comedy.  I do not watch American Idol.  I do  not watch The Real Housewives of all cities on the East Coast.  I do not watch Jersey Shore. I do not watch Dancing with the Stars. I do not watch the Bachelor.  I do not watch any of it.

This is a tough time of year for a TV junkie like myself.  All of the shows that I watch have had their season finales.  There are a few summer shows but not many.  There is so little on, I am actually watching the NBA finals.    Even though I like watching TV, I am not into re-runs.  So I have all of theses channels and I can’t find a thing to watch!

During the season though, my DVR is pretty full.  I rarely watch anything live anymore.  Sports are the exception.  I really don’t like to watch a sport that has been taped.  If I care about the result, I am too curious to find out and then watching something that has already happened just doesn’t appeal to me.  So a typical night during the season has me watching a sport and then watching whatever I have on my DVR later in the evening.

Right now my favorite show on TV is The Good Wife.  That show has it all.  I like lawyer shows.  It has friendships, romance, drama and just great acting.  I also really like Parenthood.  It has great characters and really good pertinent story lines.  My other favorites include Modern Family, Glee, Criminal Minds, and Grey’s Anatomy (Yes, I still watch it!)

Mad Men, Nurse Jacki, The Big C, Breaking Bad, Southland, Shameless, In Plain Sight and Entourage are also some of my favorites that air on cable at different times of the year.

When all else fails, I watch Law & Order SUV and all of the different 20/20’s Dateline NBC’s, etc.

I know my list does not include 30 Rock, The Office, NCIS, or Bones.  I have heard good things about these shows but never started watching them.  I may catch them one day on DVD.  The way TV is going that may be my only option.





One Response to “798 Channels and Nothing On”

  1. Stephanie Miller Says:

    I so agree with you regarding reality shows! If perhaps, Dancing with the Stars just showed the dancing, I might consider it, but it seems to me that there’s 5 minutes of dancing for every 20 minutes of bull-sh!t that I can’t stand it.

    Do you like the Closer? There a couple summer shows that will start late June early July. I think also Rizzo and Isles (I think that’s what it’s called) which isnt’ great but ok.

    I think you’d like Bones 🙂

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