Golf is Not a Verb

June 23, 2011

Dear Golfers,

When speaking about the great game of golf, please do not use golf as a verb.  The Golf Gods will get their revenge and you will be no better than an 18 handicap for the rest of your life. If you want to wear the clothes, walk the walk or ride the cart then please talk the talk.

If I see another bumper sticker or license plate bracket that says  “I’d rather be golfing”  I might just toss a club.  The correct saying should be “I’d rather be playing golf”  You do not “golf” with your buddies, you “play golf” with your buddies. You didn’t “golf 18 holes today,” you “played 18 holes.”

Oh and another thing, PLAY GOLF FASTER!!!



I do think it is OK if you say “I really golfed my ball today” But only if you really did!


One Response to “Golf is Not a Verb”

  1. Norma Barrett Says:

    short & sweet this time. xxoo

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