6 Months of Good & Bad

July 13, 2011

July 12th marked 6 months since my accident.  July 18th will be 6 months since surgery.  I am not sure which date should be marked as an anniversary so I thought if I updated the blog somewhere between those 2 dates I’d be safe.

I am always one to measure and reflect as time passes.  I think about what I was doing last week at this exact time and what I might be doing next week at this exact time.  I think about what has happened a  year ago, a month ago, 2 months ago and obviously when something as major as a broken neck occurs 6 months ago there is a lot of reflection.

There are a lot of things that have happened: some good, some bad.

Good:  I lost 15 pounds (maybe even 20) and have kept it off.  This gives me the option of wearing every item in my closet (although most are too big) and has given me an excuse to shop for new clothes.

Bad:  The reason my weight has stayed off is because I still can’t swallow well so I don’t really enjoy eating like I used to

Good: I eat ice cream almost daily

Bad:  There is no bad to this one.  I love ice cream!

Good: I started reading a lot more and have read a lot of really good books.

Bad:  Only that I should have started this hobby way earlier.

Good:  My neck moves really well up & down

Bad:  My sideways neck movement is not good.  It seems to be getting better but my range of motion is very limited.

Bad:  Because of my limited neck movement, golf and tennis are difficult.  I was hoping to play in some Legend’s Tour events this year, but that is on hold and I was hoping to move to a level 3.5 in tennis but that also will have to wait

Good: It’s too hot for tennis in AZ in the summer anyway.  The Legend’s Tour will be there next year. (this one hurts but I am trying to stay positive)

Good:  I have an awesome support system that really stepped up when I needed it.

Bad: Nothing here for this one:-)

As I look back on this list, the good far outweighs the bad.  Sure there are a few things that I have to deal with, but don’t we all.  I still think back to that day, and wonder.  One second of not thinking changed my life.  I was lucky though and I know that.  Life is Good and I am trying to enjoy it and that is a very good thing.


One Response to “6 Months of Good & Bad”

  1. Mom Says:

    I’m also happy that the good outweighs the bad. Reflecting on what could have been makes me very thankful that things are as they are. Love you. xxoo

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