This One Time at Band Camp…..

August 19, 2011

I haven’t posted in a little while because I have had a crazy couple of weeks.  The first week started with my duties as a coach at The First Tee Life Skills and Leadership Academy.  This is a camp for 96 First Tee participants from around the country.  They flew into Phoenix to experience life on their own for a week on a college campus.  The week was filled with golf, life skills and all kinds of fun activities to keep them busy and their minds off of the 100 degree temperatures that are the norm in Phoenix this time of year.  A fun time was had by all including us coaches and I am sure there were more than a few tears shed when they left the dorms the last morning.

Camps similar to this one take place all over the country during the summer months. There are the sleep-away camps and day camps.  There are all kinds of sports camps, church camps and band camps.  Anything that might interest your child, I am sure there is a camp for him/her to attend.

Growing up I went to several church camps and summer activity camps, but the experience I remember best was golf camp at Duke University when I was 16.  I was going to fly for the very first time and I was so excited.  Unfortunately my Mom overslept the morning of my flight and we rushed to try to get to my flight on time.  I remember running onto the plane and not even having a boarding pass!  I finally arrived in Durham and had so much fun!  I was shy at first as most kids are, but by the end of the week, I was sad to be leaving my new friends.  This was long before the days of texting and Facebook so we have not kept in touch, but those were great times. In fact, it was because of golf camp that I ended up at Longwood University which led me to the LPGA tour and now to my current position with The First Tee of Phoenix!  Funny how life’s chain of events work and it all started this one time at golf camp.


One Response to “This One Time at Band Camp…..”

  1. Norma Barrett Says:

    I think it should be — we coaches — not us coaches. ‘Might be wrong but it kinda hit me wrong. I’ve missed your blog tho. Good to have it back. xxoo

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