My Fantasy

August 28, 2011

I am involved in 2 fantasy football leagues, 3 suicide leagues and 1 pick a winner league.  In addition, I am in 2 fantasy golf leagues and a fantasy hockey league.  Tomorrow night is our draft and I couldn’t be more excited!  I have tried to prepare by doing mock drafts and scouring the internet for sleepers, handcuffs, and td vultures.  I follow fantasy gurus on twitter and listen to the NFL network anytime I am in my car.

My husband started playing fantasy sports before me and I wasn’t sure I like it.  His focus went from rooting for our favorite team (the NY Giants) to rooting for his fantasy players to do well.  We would go out and watch a game and he didn’t even care who won as long as Peyton Manning threw 3 touchdowns or Adrian Peterson ran for 150 yards and a touchdown.  I really didn’t “get it” and wondered what the fuss was all about.  The next year there was a spot open in his league.  I decided to join.  I really didn’t know what I was doing but thought if “you can’t beat em, join em”  I was hooked!  It was so much fun to now follow all of the games and take an interest in your players as well as your opponent’s players for that week. It makes the 17 weeks of football in the Fall must see TV.

I still route for the Giants and want them to win the Superbowl.  I also route for the Cardinals and hope for a fun playoff run like we had a few years ago.  But I will also be cheering on my fantasy players and hoping to beat my opponent into the ground each week.  My goal is to make the playoffs and maybe even win the Superbowl this year.  With a little luck and the right draft strategy, I like my chances.  It would be a fantasy come true!


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