Clara Klutz

May 1, 2012

I run into things…a lot.  I fall down, I hit my shins, I bump into walls, I drop things, I dive into pools and break my neck.  It’s why I had the nickname growing up “Clara Klutz” I have never really grown out of it.  It’s who I am.

I wonder sometimes why I am such a klutz.  I am, after all, a former professional athlete.

Maybe it’s my spacial relations.  I try to walk around the table but always seem to bump it.  I didn’t mean to dive into shallow water, but…..

Right now, I have 6 bruises on my legs from various klutz attacks.  I am not really sure how I got them.  I don’t even notice  when I run into things anymore unless it’s a doozy.  Easter Sunday was one of those doozys.  We were out for a walk with our dogs.  We let them off of their leashes and I was walking after them.  I tripped and fell and scraped my knees, both elbows, and both of my hands.  That really hurt!

I get mad at myself sometimes.  I yell, “Pay attention, Tina!”  But I always seem to drop something or run into something else.  So I have resigned myself to knowing it is what it is.   I will be “Clara Klutz” forever.




2 Responses to “Clara Klutz”

  1. Steph Says:

    It’s somewhat genetic, I’m convinced. I’m not sure I am quite as bad as you, but I too am always sporting a few bruises because I don’t give furniture enough clearance as I walk around it. Or I stumble up the stairs and bruise my shin. Bruce will ask me… where did that come from? I rarely remember how I got any particular bruise.
    It’s not too bad now, but remember how Mam Maw used to look when she had a bruise……….ouch!

  2. Mom Says:

    You get it honestly – I am the original Clara Klutz – I’m convinced that my metal knees are a result of falling on my knees soooo many times. I’ve survived 76 yrs so far being a “Stumble Bum” so from one Clara to another, be careful. Love you. xxoo

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